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Melanie Roudkovski, PhD

Founder, LPC-Supervisor

Melanie has over 20 years of experience providing clinical & relational help to individuals of all ages with their unique challenges.

Carly Rowan, MA


Carly currently only offers telecounseling options. She works with children & adolescents, especially those struggling with anxiety & depression. She is an autism certified specialist.

Mayra Trejo, MS


Mayra is a bicultural and bilingual counselor. She is passionate about serving people in different developmental stages who need guidance and support to find answers for their current struggles.
Se habla Español.

Megan Korthals, MA


Megan is a trauma counselor, trained in EMDR & IFS. She works with adults & adolescents with anxiety, depression, complex PTSD, & more.

David Miller, MA


David enjoys working with teens, young adults, and engaged or married couples. He is a Military Veteran and has a heart for those who have experienced crisis.

Madilynne Halling, MA


Madilynne sees clients ages 18 & up. She is a certified Religious Trauma practitioner- whose primary focus is to encourage and support clients as they excavate through the hard parts of life.

Katie Monts, MA


Katie sees clients 14 years old & up. She is a HeartMath certified practitioner—working with clients through their values to achieve goals.

Chelle Brown, MA


Chelle currently only offers telecounseling options. She works with individual and couple clients of all ages. Chelle draws from several therapeutic modalities to create treatment options for clients.

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