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Melanie Roudkovski, PhD

Founder, LPC-Supervisor

Melanie has over 20 years of experience providing clinical & relational help to individuals of all ages with their unique challenges.

David Miller, MA


David enjoys working with teens, young adults, and engaged or married couples. He is a Military Veteran and has a heart for those who have experienced crisis.

Megan Korthals, MA


Megan is a trauma counselor, trained in EMDR & IFS. She works with adults & adolescents with anxiety, depression, complex PTSD, & more.

Madilynne Halling, MA


Madilynne sees clients ages 18 & up. She is a certified Religious Trauma practitioner- whose primary focus is to encourage and support clients as they excavate through the hard parts of life.

Katie Monts, MA


Katie sees clients 14 years old & up. She is a HeartMath certified practitioner—working with clients through their values to achieve goals.

Olivia Norrell, MA


Olivia works with a variety of clients from all different walks of life. She is currently a graduate counseling intern, working on her practicum hours.

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